Jamie Oliver



Jamie Oliver is a well renown drummer known for his association with the band ‘UK SUBS’.


Jamie has collaborated with colleagues at the CBDP across a range of projects. A particular highlight was his involvement in research exploring the effects of a 60 minute exposure to a hot and humid environment on thermoregulation and drumming capability. The photos below, taken from within an environmental chamber, show the high sweat rate (~1.5 liters per hour) that accompanies drumming performance under such conditions.



To gain greater insight into the thermal challenge of drumming Jamie agreed to swallow a thermal pill to measure his core temperature during a ‘live’ drumming performance. Sweat rate, core temperature and heart rate were recorded during a UK SUBS gig at the iconic 100 Club (London, UK). Jamie’s data was presented at the 2013 European College of Sport Science (Barcelona, Spain) is shown in the photo below:

ecss 2013 - Marcus Smith

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