Andy Franklin

Andy Franklin



  • Andy first started playing drums over 35 years ago, when he started playing in bands around the Chelmsford area including Them Geezers over there and gigging around Essex including the Pink Tooth Brush in Rayleigh and the works in Colchester and various festivals.
  • Andy eventually began playing in a band called Hollow Horse, of which the guitarist went on to play with the Prodigy.
  • From there on Andy spent a lot of time touring round the country, where he played gigs at venues such as Lampeter University and had radio play and record company interest. After leaving Hollow Horse, Andy joined Taste with Ian Mounteney, with whom he is still creating music today.
  • Andy played a lot of gigs around Chelmsford and London, the most memorable for him being the Rock Garden.
  • Following this, Andy played in a band called Sunbox and produced three album-length recordings in a studio and continued playing gigs in and around Chelmsford and the UK.
  • Since then Andy has played with various bands, including in Jamie Scammell’s band in which he performed on a line-up alongside The Stranglers, The Blockheads and Dr Feelgood, and then with Darren Snow and Simon McCarthy, where our track ‘Rainbows’ was played on radio.


  • Andy has concentrated in the last 12 years primarily on teaching and studying. However he did play the Fling Festival in 2015 with Simon Lyon and regretfully turned down a gig at Brown stock due to study and teaching commitments.
  • Andy also undertook various charity projects to gain teaching experience including Braintree Youth Project; Rock projects at YMCA Chelmsford; beginners drum workshops for Essex County Council Discovery Centre and Slack Space, Colchester.
  • Since opening ALF Drum Studios in January 2017, Andy has taught drums and percussion at the Ideas Hub in Chelmsford, Mencap, Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford, Essex County Council community projects and a state School in Suffolk in addition to his private teaching, for which he has just made a promotional film with Rock School Limited regarding his studio and RSL teaching software (Replay)
  • Andy currently has students achieving merit and distinction level results in their grade exams.

Education and qualifications:

  •  RSL Level 4 Diploma in Music Teaching (QFC) specialising in drums and percussion. Foundation Bachelor of Music (Performance/composition).
  • Chakardar Music Award – Tabla Summer School with Shankar and Bikram Ghosh.
  • RSL Teacher Examination Training Course.
  • Currently studying for RSL Level 6 Licentiate Diploma in Music Teaching.
  • Andy is currently collaborating with Ian Mounteney again: creating and producing a new album of both of their compositions by using Andy’s own studio and recording facilities.

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