James Wheeler

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James has participated in a number of activities undertaken by the CBDP. In a research setting he has delivered drumming tuition across a variety of projects to individuals of different ages; including 7-8 year old primary school children, 12-16 year old autistic young adults and 16-19 year old students. 



The photos below show James working with colleagues at CBDP on developing a procedure to be used in the capture of 3-D images of a drummers head. 



This work was fundamental to the production of an animated video showcasing the positive changes in brain structure and function following drumming practice. 


Ali paper2016
James designed and delivered the drumming training programme used in this study.


Over the past 3 years James has visited the University of Chichester’s ‘Festival of Sport‘ to highlight the health benefits of drumming as a physical activity. Over one thousand 14-16 year old secondary school pupils attend the event and many pick up drum sticks for the first time.



In 2017 SKYARTS visited the University of Chichester to film Clem undergoing a series of physiological drumming tests developed by the CBDP. Prior to Clem’s visit James not only set up and tuned Clem’s drum kit but also performed the role of ‘body double’ to help the film crew set up the correct camera positions. An insight into these activities is shown in the photos below:



In 2018 James worked on a study exploring the health and wellbeing benefits of drumming among autistic young adults. This work is an extension of previous research undertaken by the CBDP.

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