Professor Greg Atkinson



Professor Greg Atkinson (School of Health & Social Care, Teesside University).


In 2012 Greg was an invited speaker at the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS). Greg challenged the audience to consider the impact of manipulating song tempo to accompany sporting performance and consider the fatiguing effect of travel across multiple time zones for the travelling musician


Greg presenting at ICSEMIS 2012.


Dr Ruth Lowry, Prof Greg Atkinson, Mark Richardson, Dr Marcus Smith,, Prof Steve Williams and Dr Andy West.


The effect music has on an individuals ability to complete physical tasks has intrigued Greg for a number of years. In a peer reviewed paper exploring work rate distribution during 10km time trial cycling performance both ‘rhythm’ and ‘tempo’ were identified as key variables associated with changes in performance (see below: Atkinson, G., D. Wilson, and M. Eubank, Effect of music on work rate distribution during a cycling time trial. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 2004, 25(8): p.611-615).


Greg music cropped

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